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Felicity D.
Felicity D.
Elsternwick, VIC

I just started as sub-contracting and want to know if I can charge travel time for visit my clients. If so, is it just travel to and from the job I’m attending

Thank you

5 years ago


Hi felicity. Time IS money, and you need to recover enough out of your clients to make it worth your while to stay in business. Some people CAN get away with charging separately for their travelling time (sometimes at a lower rate) and some people have to absorb the travelling time into their costs.......what do others in your industry do??? In all likelihood, what you can get away with is going to be based on what others doing the same thing do.....

eg: contract cleaning......maybe not much chance of getting someone to pay you for travelling if ther eare lots of other contract cleaners willing to cop the travelling on the chin??
or contract business coaching......maybe a better chance if there is sufficient demand for your specific services???



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