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Christine A.
Christine A.
Pyrmont, NSW

Hi, we need some advice.

One of our staff is never happy and continuously brings down the mood within the business and with a small team of 10, it’s very frustrating. The business is going well but it could be so much better and we are really worried about losing other staff because of the negativity. What is our best course of action, we don’t want to wait until it is too late?

5 years ago


Hi Christine,
I would suggest you engage an HR specialist who can review your position, check where you are up to and set up the systems that would allow you to take decisive action.
If you don’t have standard policies and workplace agreements in place, you are going to have to have an initial discussion about what behaviour you would like to see and how this person is missing your targets.
It can be a long slow process if you don’t have the policies and procedures in place from the start.
Best of luck

Hi Christine,
Managing personalities in the workplace can be confronting, confusing and complex.

I do like Scott's suggestion to get a HR specialist to help, but that may not do what you need if the staff member's actions are not a breach.

Some people simply have a different outlook on life.
Two people can see exactly the same thing happen and one will be positive about it, and the other will see it as a negative.

There could be all sorts of 'stuff' going on in your employee's life and (if you haven't already tried it) you might find some success by getting to know the person a little better and 'notice' the things that are important to them.
Now, don't get me wrong, this can sometimes be easier said than done. I know from personal experience... But what I have found is when you do reach out, if the connection is made, it can add a strength to the relationship that would otherwise not be there.

I hope that helps a little :-)

5 years ago

Thank you Scott and Graham for your advice. We have tried the personal chats so the HR expert might be what we need. We don't want to get ourselves in trouble so some direction would be nice. Thank you to you both.

Hi Christine,
Good luck and reach out if you can't find the HR specialist you need. My firms do have a HR expert :-)

Hi Christine,

I'd suggest the first port is to discuss with the employee the issues that you have with their attitude at work. Let them know your expectations in the workplace and how the performance improvements will benefit both them and the business.

If you don't get any improvement you will need to explore your options for termination, unless there is scope for a side-way shift.

Never easy (and one i struggle with as well) but you need to put the business first.

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