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Jared W.
Jared W.
Gosford, NSW

I’m the sole director of the business and pay myself a salary when the business can afford to. As I’m set up as an employee does that mean I need to be paying super on top of the income the business is paying me?

5 years ago


Hi Jared,

If you are running a trading Pty Ltd company and taking out Wages (putting on BAS as PAYG and paying the withholding tax) then yes, you must pay superannuation on the wage. Being a working director does not exclude you from paying super on the wage.

Speak to your accountant, and make sure you have the business structure right in your mind, as this can have a massive impact on how these things are treated. If operating under a trust, or if you are a Sole Trader business, then the answer above can change significantly.

All the best.

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