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Diane S.
Diane S.
Oxenford, QLD

Inquiring for an elderly friend who is trying to get her estate in order. She does not want her family to have anything when she dies (she feels that they have got enough from her as it is and doesn't even want to mention them by name in her will) -
all money is to be left to charity.
She is assuming that once she dies and the will is in the hands of the solicitor he will then action and wind up the estate.
I should mention that she is living in Qld.

6 years ago


Morning Diane

Unfortunately there is something in QLD (and rest of Australia) called family provision under the various succession acts. This will likely allow her family to challenge the will. The likelihood of this can be reduced if the will is carefully drafted, there is clear reasoning etc. Depending on the circumstances of the individual children it can be better to make some provision for them in the will.

Above is very very general. My firm can meet and advise, draft a will and be executor of the estate too. If you email me at d.richards@certuslegal.com.au I can arrange one of our wills and estates people to make contact.


Thank you Darryl for your reply. I will certainly pass this onto my friend.

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