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Diane S.
Diane S.
Oxenford, QLD

Hello, I have a friend who has a legal problem concerning her grandchildren. Their lawyer has been a bit nasty with his comments and has given her an ultimatum. She requires someone to help - not with litigation, but mainly as a representative for her to deal with this lawyer. Is there anyone that is willing to do this. She is 88 and not in the best of health, so contact needs to be online. Hoping there is someone who can be of assistance. She lives in the Logan Village area. Thank you.

3 years ago


Your friend is 88 and having a problem with her grandchildren who have used their lawyers to send an ultimatum?

Your friend is best contacted online.

If you feel the lawyer has been nasty to the point of being unprofessional - which can happen, unforunately- you can make a complaint to the Legal Services Commission - 1300 655 754 or www.lsc.qld.gov.au/

You are unlikely to get a happy relationship with the lawyers if you make an official complaint. Another lawyer might be able to discreetly contact the firm to see if the communication could be toned down in future. If the lawyer is relatively junior it may be that their firm will get them to be more professional in tone.

Sometimes what could be seen as rude is simply stating the position of the other party.

It is unclear what issue the between the grandmother and grandchildren is. The lawyer may be reflecting the attitude of the grandchildren so the lawyer may not be the real issue.

If you want to call me I can chat ( no charge) to clarify what the situation is and whether there might be other options to try.


3 years ago

Hello Patrick
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question. The lawyer in question is very experienced - a retired magistrate in NSW, I am not even sure if he is still practicing law and just doing this as a favour. I find it strange that his email correspondence to my friend is via a hotmail account and there is no official letterhead/signature/qualifications on the emails. If you would like to have a cursory look you can email me on diz88@y7mail.com and I would be happy to send you a copy. I know my friend Pat would love to talk to you about this but she can ramble a bit.
Thank you very much
Diane Steedman

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