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Emily D.
Emily D.
Lane Cove, NSW

I have been contracting to a business for 4 months and they want to extend the contact for 18 months but have requested 3 months’ notice period and a restraint clause. I’m not an employee and don’t feel comfortable about either but the income is very good. Is this considered normal?

last year


Hi emily,'

I do the same thing with some subbies I use in my business. And I dont feel that its unreasonable......because the last thing I need to see is my goodwill being handed on a silver platter to a subcontractor.

the notice period thing is clearly for them to lock you in......it sounds like it should be a two way street, so maybe this will give you confidence that you wont be getting a "DCM"anytime soon either.

I dont think that anything you have mentioned is necessarily a bad thing at all.


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