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Marika Z.
Marika Z.
Stafford, QLD

Hi, my Dad wants me to be a trustee and beneficiary for a property he wants to buy in Tasmania and live in it. I get no benefit from the transaction. No rental income...nothing. What am I obligated to do if I do go ahead with this? I would have to declare this on my tax but if I'm not receiving rental income, what's the benefit? What am I also liable for if anything goes wrong? Thanks

last week

Today the RBA decided to leave the cash rate at 1.5%.

The cash rate has not moved since August 2016 yet the banks have repriced a number of their loans in Dec 16, March 17 and again in June 17. The three rate increases (most recent by 0.30% on interest only loans) will conservatively generate in excess of $150M in additional revenue annually for each bank.

We all, along with the federal government need to be asking why? It'd be good to generate some discussion.

2 weeks ago