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Adrian B.
Adrian B.
Concord, NSW

Hi, I'm 55 years of age with an aching back and want to improve my core. Is it best to do sit ups or plank for 30 seconds a couple of times a day. thank you?

3 years ago


Hi Adrian, I'm not a personal trainer and therefore can only share my experience but I find planking far more beneficial. I use an interval timer app so you can set your own activity and build up over time. Good luck with it.

I’ve had lower back pain for 20+ years.
Neither of those things you mentioned are a direct solution unless you know and understand the underlying issue of what is causing your back pain. This can only be done via scans and an MRI is the optimal scan your can do which will show up bone and dose issues. You will need a referral from your GP. You can get it done at a hospital or private practice such as Alfred Imaging. After much research into back pain over many years the best non intrusive solution is mobility. Don’t sit for more than 20 minutes without getting up and moving around for at least 5-10 minutes . Moderate exercise like walking, swimming and stretching can assist greatly in pain relief.
But do find out what may be causing your pain eg do you have herniated disc or 2? You need to know and this will determine what type of exercise will be suitable. Good luck. BTW 1in 3 people have lower or uppers back pain of some sort.

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