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in a situation where things happen at once. can afford to pay - but because of what happen - they say i can not afford it. but feel i if that i can if given the chance to get everything pay in one go(all debts and car repairs etc) leaves about $200 /$250 a f/n for repayments. just what a break to get thing right. sick of jumble between thing and never getting ahead. need someone to help. just want to pay what i owe and get ahead

9 months ago


Dear Stephen, it might be a good idea to put all your bills in a pile, separate them into monthly, quarterly and Annually and add them all up and divide by 12, it will give you a monthly spend without any surprises. Feel free to get in touch, I am very happy to help you bring yourself back into a place where you have it under control and you can move ahead.

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