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Susie T.
Susie T.
Beaumont Hills, NSW

I am a first home buyer and would like to get some advice to buy a home. I have been in the same job for 4 years and earn $90,000 a year plus super. No loans and pay off credit card each month. I have inherited $120,000 and would like to know what price range I could look at, stamp duty costs and what do I have to buy to get the first home buyers grant. What rates and repayments are possible? Thank you

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Home Loan News - rate increases

ANZ and Commonwealth Bank have announced an increase to their variable home loan rates.

ANZ will increase their variable rates by 0.16% effective from 27 September 2018

Commonwealth Bank will increase their variable rate by 0.15% effective from 4 October 2018

A shout out to all home loan borrowers - check the interest rate on your home loan, understand how competitive it is and either call your lender to ask for a better rate or simply ask a question on simplyaskit to connect with a trusted mortgage or finance broker

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