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Home Loan News - rate increases

ANZ and Commonwealth Bank have announced an increase to their variable home loan rates.

ANZ will increase their variable rates by 0.16% effective from 27 September 2018

Commonwealth Bank will increase their variable rate by 0.15% effective from 4 October 2018

A shout out to all home loan borrowers - check the interest rate on your home loan, understand how competitive it is and either call your lender to ask for a better rate or simply ask a question on simplyaskit to connect with a trusted mortgage or finance broker

3 months ago
Stef L.
Stef L.
Parmelia, WA

I have always thought I was good at budgeting - turns out I might not be!! I need help with free financial counseling, someone looking at our budget, finding ways to save, pay the debt off faster or possibly Debt Consolidation? I don't think the latter would be an option though...and I just don't know how to tweak it anymore... I have attempted to contact a free Financial counseling service in WA with no luck yet...Any suggestions?

3 months ago

Hello there!

I am 19 years old and looking to buy 2x 40 ft shipping containers and converting them into a home nicely set up, I've done the research and the profit can be there with the right planning and budget, but I am currently not earning enough to save $20,000 in the next year due to rent and other day to day expenses also I cant get a loan with any banks as a parking ticket was being sent to the wrong adress and I didn't know about it for over a month! Which affected my credit score quite badly. So my question is does anyone know where I can find private investors or something along that line to help with the costs of my project I have seen a financial advisor and have professionally drawn up plans that suggest a $25,000 profit in 2 months work! Thankyou really need advice.

4 months ago