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Peter M.
Peter M.
Frankston, VIC

First home buyers, my income is 92,000 and my wife 85,000 and we have been living the same property for 3 years and never missed paying the rent. We have saved 35,000…. have no debts and pay off our credit card each month. Can we get a loan and roughly how much could we borrow?

last year


Under industry regulation I am not able to provide the answer you seek without first understanding your full financial situation. The information you have supplied is but part of your overall financial situation.

You would need to make an appointment with me or another broker so that I can fully assess your situation.

As I live in the bayside suburbs I am close to you. If you would like to give me a call I would be happy to help you achieve your goal of home ownership.

Pete Dall
0414 583 233


Hi Peter, what other information would you need?

Hi Peter,

Very exciting times ahead! As mentioned above we would need to ask a few more questions to understand the whole situation.

Happy to assist. Please dont hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions.

Zaid - 0401586901


what other questions

Can I send you an email or give you a call? Some of it is personal information.

To do a full analysis I would need to know;
do you have credit cards & if you do what are their limits?
do you have any personal loans?
do you have HELP/HECS debt?
Do you have children?
Does your income include overtime or bonus' or commissions?
How long have you been in your current employment?
Are you on probation?

On face value your incomes are strong so that is not the issue. But as a general rule you would need 10% savings, so with $35,000 saved you could buy a property for circa $350,000. But that is where a broker can advise other strategies to overcome the limited savings.

The other factor under our current regulatory environment is that we are obliged to meet with prospective clients to properly identify each borrower.

As I say, happy to speak to you...

Pete Dall
0414 583 233

Hi Peter,

Exciting times ahead for you and your wife.

I am just around the corner from you in Skye, if you would like to meet up or give me a call. I can get some more details from you and run through your options.

I am in the office this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon so am free to come and catch up with you on either day or also either evening.



Hi Peter,

That’s great to hear, I wish you all the best for your home purchase.
In order that I could assess your current position and give you an accurate appraisal of your borrowing capacity I would like to meet with you and your wife to collect your information and answer any questions you may have, all with no obligation to use me and at no charge.
I can be contacted on 0435.474.498 at any time
Best regards

Dear Peter

You could possibly look at a $500,000 first home purchase purely based on income and savings,but to doa full assessment please get in touch 0425341086.

Funding position: No stamp duty as First Home Buyer
Loan for $475,000 at 95% LVR.
Savings: $35,000.00
Lender's Mortgage Insurance: $16,210.00.
Land transfer fee: $142.00.
Mortgage registration fee: $142.00.
Deficit: $6,492.00.




How does that make a purchase at $500k? You have used their savings and have a deficit?

Dear Scott

When buyers a looking they are also saving, giving them a realistic saving goal is achievable. I am not advising them to buy now..

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