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Timo B.
Timo B.
Summer Hill, NSW

Current home loan is $635,000, fixed rate ends in November. Property value is $900,000 and we have credit card balances of $15,000 and a personal loan of $10,000. Between my wife and I our combined income is $185,000 – no kids. Can we refinance all the loans into one and what is best rate we could get?

last year


Hi Timo,
On that information it should be possible. It is important to conduct a full assessment and find you the most suitable structure for any debt you wish to take out.
Assuming this is an owner occupied property and that you have no other risk factors you should get a rate that at least starts with a 3!
If you would like to discuss in full detail please feel free to reach out on 0435.474.498

Hey Timo,

Think of the additional cash flow you will have by consolidating everything into one loan and simplifying your loan repayments. Nice to have a little extra cash flow that could be applied to your mortgage so you can own your home sooner too....

When we talk best rate I have a lender who is offering 3.66% with NO application fee, NO valuation fee, NO annual fee & a FREE offset account. A VERY sharp deal.

Of course, I may be able to do better than that if I can get a little more information from you so i can ensure you qualify.

Of course, having a loan with the cheapest interest rate for 30 years is one thing, but using product design PLUS the cheapest interest rate to help you own your home sooner. So I encourage you to ensure that the person who helps you with your loan ADS value outside of the “best rate”

Enjoy the long weekend and congratulations on your commitment to securing your finances for you and your kids future.


Craig Nicholas.

Dear Timo

Note that the current owner occupied rates are as low as 3.54% ,however it is the features that you may want that will determine the ultimate rate, redraw versus Offset, Credit Card etc. There are always promotions with banks to attract new customers, which might benefit you. I would be happy to chat 0452341086 and after a full assessment would be able to present a variety of options.



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