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Angus T.
Angus T.
South Perth, WA

Investment loan has been fixed for 3 years and about to mature - $750,000 loan with CBA. We would like to keep the loan interest only and they have now offered 4.75% variable. That seems extraordinary high… what is the market rate?

11 months ago


IO rates from 4.29% available elsewhere, happy to discuss further with you.

Hi Angus,

If you're happy with CBA i could potentially re-fix you with them for another 2 years at 4.19%. Wont need to go through the whole refinance process again, very simple process. Alternatively if you did want to move than there is slightly better deals out there but would need to find out mroe information.

Happy to discuss in more detail if you'd like to give me a call.


Hi Angus,

The rates for INV I/O actually start from 4.09% fixed which is the market leader as of today. The reason why CBAs rates are higher than some other lenders in the market is due to their costs of business compared to smaller yet reputable lenders that can offer competitive rates.

I am a mobile broker based in East Perth or I can travel to you. My number is 0432 297 765 should you wish to have a call.


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