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Sam A.
Sam A.
Beaumont Hills, NSW

We currently owe $682,000 to ANZ and the rate is 4.19%. My income is $130,000 and my wife’s is $95,000. We have 3 kids under 10 but don’t have any other debts. The house would be valued at around $1.3M and we are thinking of refinancing. What’s the best rate could we get?

5 years ago


I bet someone could get you 1.9% Sam.

But the terms and conditions would have you tied up like a Christmas turkey

Talk to a broker. Make them find the loan tgat is best suited for YOUR situation. It's never just about chasing the lowest rate.

I have a list of brokers I can refer you to......or sit tight....one of the brokers here will respond pretty soon I reckon!!!!

Happy hunting

Hi Sam,

As per emails above, you are in a good position to explore some better options for yourself. You definitely can save some money.
Also, we can work on a strategy to reduce your loan quicker and some negative gearing ideas that help you pay your loans faster,
Please feel free to give me a call on 0414545643 or email at michael@progressloancentre.com.au

thank you

Dear Sam

Oneof the cheapest rate is 2.99% which is a fixed rate,but in this environment, I would encourgage you to sit with me, build a budget and try and pay off more in a great variable rate. You are welcome to call me on 0425341086, or send an email to loans@financeandmortgage.coml.au, My office is in Bella Vista, you can come on a weekend, to sit and have a detailed chat. Finance and Mortgage Solutions is an award winning brokerage.

Hi Sam,

As per responses provided you have plenty of income and equity to literally select any lender that you would like. I am feeling that this may be your first time of possibly refinancing away from your current lender. However I would approach ANZ first and see if they will do a better rate. They haven an excellent 2 years fixed at 3.18%. Their will always be a cheaper product on the market. So other than rate you need to be comfortable with the lender and product.
If you would like to discuss your options further always happy to chat.

Peter Pakarinen
Aussie Ramsgate
0412 212 152

4 years ago

I'm also with ANZ having recently refinanced by using Mortgage Choice. My loan amount is very similar to yours, yet my rate is 3.18% So I reckon you can get a better rate without changing banks

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