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Hi All,

I hope you're all winning!

I have a tax question for the accountants here.

If someone has held a company for over 12 months and is now selling the business, will they be up for full CGT? Or do they get a similar concession to a real estate asset?

The business has been held by 2 directors and shareholders and will each have an equal share of the proceeds from the sale.


4 months ago

Hi there

Got some great responses last time I posted here so hoping for a similar result!

I am a beneficiary of a deceased estate split into 3. We recently put the property up on Airbnb for some rental income whilst we wait for the property to be sold.

We did some work to the property readying it for lease such as painting walls, purchase of linen, crockery etc.

1) Can these expenses be claimed? Obviously it's work done prior to being leased but integral to be able to do so. Or does any receipt need to show that the date of purchase was AFTER the commencement date of lease?

For our tax returns, we will be splitting income/expenses between the 3. The property had no TV or Vacuum and so one party paid for these items out of their own personal money as they will take these items as soon as the property sells.

2) Will their be any red flags if one party claims higher expenses despite splitting income by 3?

Looking at it now, I guess if the answer to question 1 is 'NO' then question 2 is probably void as these items were obviously purchased before our first tenant.

Thanks so much for assistance. Great community of help!


5 months ago
Dan D.
Dan D.
Maidstone, VIC

Hi team

My wife is a teacher that has just finished up mat leave but yet to return to any full time employment.

Whilst on mat leave, she undertook a makeup course. The course has assignments that require you to purchase makeup supplies but they advise to buy significant more to build up the kit once she starts working as a makeup artist. Currently, she hasn't got an ABN though will do as soon as the course is complete.

In her tax return, can she claim these significant expenses as either educational or work expenses? Reallistically they are both but not sure if recognised by ATO. How can we best structure this?

Thanks in advance.

5 months ago
New Farm, QLD

Looking for some general advice in this kind of situation:

- Purchased investment property within a company structure for the purpose of renovation and subdivision to sell on
- Market and personal circumstances have changed and so now the primary purpose of this property is to hold for capital growth (rental income does not cover interest repayments)
- Property is on >800sqm of low density zoned land on the northside of Brisbane and has good long term growth prospects
- Selling at this point would most likely lead to a small loss due to sales costs involved
- Due to the holding structure, the is a small land tax bill every year which would not be an issue if held in my own name
- There is a potential to proceed with original subdivision plan in the distant future (most likely >5 years)

Would it be wise to wait till the capital growth covers these losses and sell the property to break even OR hold on for capital growth in the much longer term, knowing it is in a structure that won't be eligible for the capital gains discount in the future?

6 months ago