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Shaun B.
Shaun B.
Westleigh, NSW

Hi there,

I have been working for the same company for 9 years and have been offered a redundancy package. I’m trying to calculate my entitlements and I’d like to ask if I should do the calculations from the time they made the offer or to my last day which would be in 6 weeks. Do I include a percentage long service leave as an entitlement even though I’m 6 months away from 10 years’ service?

3 years ago


Hi Shaun,

I hope this all works out well for you.

The date you should use for calculation purposes is your last day of work.

With respect to the LSL my understanding is that if your employer instigated your departure then you are entitled to LSL (in most circumstances) after 5 years service.

Good luck,


Hi Shaun,

you will be entitled to a pro rated percentage of the LSL.

if your service was 9 years exactly, you would get 90% of the full 8.66 weeks leave.


Hi Shaun,

Agree with above, you should be entitled to a pro-rata portion of the Long Service Leave, and based on the departure date.
Being a redundancy, any Genuine Redundancy is based on the completed years of service - if you have just ticked over nine years, you've done well, but if you're short by a few weeks the tax free amount drops back.

Good luck with your next opportunity.

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