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Carmel C.
Carmel C.
Newton, SA

I play soccer for a local club and get paid some money if my name is on the Team Sheet for season games. I have provided the club with a Statemtent by a Supplier and ticked private recreational pursuit and hobby as my selection. The club has sought permission from me for them to create a RCTI so that they can claim GST credits. Is this okay?

3 years ago


Hi Carmel,
I don’t think that is correct. I’m sure a couple of the accountants on here will clarify
Good luck

Hi Carmel,

Your statement by supplier form identifies that you do not have, or need and ABN. As such, you do not have GST registration.
While the club can prepare a RCTI, it will need to show no ABN, and note that there is no GST on the invoice. They cannot claim a (legitimate) tax credit.

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