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Sally T.
Sally T.
Balgowlah, NSW

Hi, I started a little business making cakes and sell at the markets and privately through word of mouth. It’s starting to do really well and would like to ask if I should have some sort of insurances in place. The turnover was just over 40k to June 2018 and now doing about $7,000pm. I’d appreciate some help, thank you

3 years ago


Hi Sally

Sounds like your little business is getting big! Congrats.

Given that you are dealing with food; it would make sense to obtain insurance to cover yourself in case your customers fall ill when eating your goods.

I refer my clients to an insurance broker by name of Polina Kesov. You can contact her on 1300 002 481. She will know exactly what insurance cover you would need to protect yourself and your business.

Good luck with your new venture!


Thanks so much Sam for the answer and referral. It does make sense.


Congrats on your new venture. As you’re dealing with food, it is critically important that you protect yourself against any potential exposures, in particular product liabilities.
I am an insurance broker and can assist you through the process as I insure many food operators.
Call me on 0410565101 or email nicholasb@citadelinsurance.com.au


Thanks Nicholas. I will try and call in the next couple of days


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