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claire W.
claire W.
Artarmon, NSW

I would please like to know the best type of home loan for a couple, where one partner has children from a previous marriage, especially if the partner without the children is putting in the deposit. Is it best to set up "Tenants in Common" or "Joint Tenancy".

Question 2.
Could you also give me the advantages of "Tennants in Common" and the disadvantages of "Joint tenancy" (and if there are any advantages in Joint tenancy?)

Many thanks

3 days ago
Melanie C.
Melanie C.
Castle Hill, NSW

Hi, I have a young family and want to go back to work and thinking of starting my own mortgage broker business. Previously I had 8 years in lending with one of the major banks and wondering if I should just go out of my own or join a franchise type model. I’d really like to get the thoughts of others in the industry and to also ask what else I should be considering, thank you

last week

Home Loan News - rate increases

ANZ and Commonwealth Bank have announced an increase to their variable home loan rates.

ANZ will increase their variable rates by 0.16% effective from 27 September 2018

Commonwealth Bank will increase their variable rate by 0.15% effective from 4 October 2018

A shout out to all home loan borrowers - check the interest rate on your home loan, understand how competitive it is and either call your lender to ask for a better rate or simply ask a question on simplyaskit to connect with a trusted mortgage or finance broker

2 weeks ago