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Diane S.
Diane S.
Oxenford, QLD

Asking for a friend who lives in an Retirement Village -
She has a small unit, half the size of many other dwellings, the house takes up the whole block. She pays the same land rental as the larger dwellings and their larger sized blocks which can accommodate caravans, boats,etc.
Is there any avenue that can be tried to get her payments more in line with her
very small imprint. ????

4 days ago
Jason F.
Jason F.
Hamilton, NSW

I have been running my online business for 2 years ago and 6 months ago an old business colleague started helping out with advice. I haven’t been able to pay him a full salary but we’ve spoken about having some equity as a reward and ongoing incentive. Some of the advice relates to him having to pay capital gains tax straight away of the value of the shares. Is this correct and what other options are available?

5 days ago

Hi i had been working for an employer for 12 months and they did not oay super my question is if they were to pay what was owed do i have the right to ask for it in cash so i can oay it into my fund personally or do they just have to pay into a nominated fund i am not confident they will pay unless i ask fir cash but im unsure if i can ask legally for it in cash thankyou

2 weeks ago