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Melbourne, VIC

Not sure if this is a conveyancing question. Really, what I want to know is who is the right 'expert' to speak to? Is it a conveyancer? A broker? A builder?

My husband and I had are about 6 months away from being in a position to buy a property. Until recently we'd planned to buy an established home in the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, but our circumstances have changed a bit recently, opening up the possibility of buying a block of land somewhere semi-rural and building a new home. But neither of us has had any experience building and I'd love to speak with someone who can educate us about the process - pro and cons of buying vs building, financing a build, the timeline and processes around buying land, getting permits, submitting plans etc.

We could obviously speak with a couple of home builders, but I'd prefer to speak with someone independant and who won't feel as though we're wasting their time. Realistically, it will be 6-12 months before we're ready to act on the advice, but in the meantime I want to educate myself so that when the time comes we can act quickly if/when the right block comes along at the right time.

Thanks in advance!

1 days ago

Hi Tax People,

I have a joint equity loan with my wife. We both have individual online broking accounts.
I have been told by our accountant that my wife or myself can use money from that loan to buys shares individually and he would make “loan up” saying the money was borrowed from the account and therefore claiming the interest individually.
To keep this cleaner for tax purposes my bank said we can split the loan and call loan 1 ( wife investment loan) and say loan 2 ( Peter (me) investment loan).
My question is

1) if wife wants to pay her loan down , I’m wondering if that’s possible with the original “loan up” document written up at a certain amount and as it’s paid down obviously the loan has reduced and wouldn’t match the original loan amount.

Any help would be great.
Also if any one is a subject expert on these setups would love to make an appointment for advice happy to travel.

Regards Peter

last month
Mark B.
Mark B.
Adelaide, SA

I've recently applied for a personal loan with a lender and was approved, however I haven't signed and accepted the loan yet. Whilst it was being approved however i've found another lender which looks like they will be reasonably cheaper.

My question is if it's OK to instead apply through the second lender even though I was approved with the first? I was reading this article: https://creditmadesimple.com.au/does-taking-a-personal-loan-affect-your-credit-score/ which says that applying for personal loans can impact your credit score, so im concerned if I apply for the second loan I might be denied and then not be able to use the first lenders offer anymore.

Appreciate any advice!

4 months ago
Michael F.
Michael F.
Parkdale, VIC

I have had the same accountant for years. They do my return and I'm sure it's done properly.

However, when I did my last return I asked my accountant a question ...

What could I / should I be doing to minimize the tax I pay?

Am I paying too much tax with my shares?

I claim as much as I can when I do my BAS & Tax Return, but is there a better way?

Any other strategies?

My accountant said they assess my return based on the information provided and they do not provide advice.


wondering what your thoughts are? Also, I saw this website

https://taxfitness.com.au/ but it seems to be targeted towards accountants, is there something similar for individuals?

5 months ago
Kirsty M.
Kirsty M.
Briar Hill, VIC


Currently on maternity leave and quite confused as to whether I have made the right choice on the way I have taken my leave.

I have chosen to take it at full pay and remove half myself and place in our mortgage offset account therefore pretending I am receiving it as half pay and saving on the interest.

Questions are:
If I hadve taken it at half pay, do I accumulate more superannuation through my employer? I think I would’ve accumulated an extra week of annual leave.

Also, would I pay less tax each pay being on half pay as opposed to full pay or does it work out the same as all my payments are received in one financial year?

One other reason I took the full pay was because I am on a contract which is due to expiry just after my leave at full pay therefore I was unsure if I was entitled to take it at half pay if my contract had expired half way through?

Thanks :)

8 months ago
Amy L.
Amy L.
Cranbourne South, VIC

My mum brought a house for around 400k outright but was short 70k so my sister got a loan for the amount and then went onto the house title..we all live together but my sister is now moving out and wants me to take over the loan amd she want to get off the title..
Firstly: what is the cost to just remove her and leave my mum on the title?-is there stamp duty involved?
2nd: if i get on the title what will the costs be?? Will it be calculated only on the 20% my sister put in if i was to do tenant in common or the full market value??..i also work fulltime and have an investment property amd never applied for FHOG and i have a pension card and so does my mother...
Will us both being on a pension card wipe out the stamp duty ?? If i am only being added to the title..
We will have to refinance the 70k borrowed so the loan is in both our names or just mine

9 months ago
Ben A.
Ben A.
Hamilton, NSW

I have $350,000 in super and thinking of using to fund a property development in Brisbane where I can buy the property, move the existing Queenslander to own side and create space for two townhouses. The sale price is around $800,000 and I will need about $500,000 to build. I’m 53, not married, no kids and earn $180k a year. Own my own home and have an unencumbered investment property valued at $600,000. The idea would be to sell the property in Brisbane is 5 years to help fund retirement. Is this a good idea ?

9 months ago