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I have a 216 Dollars paid default that I got from origin energy in 2016 as I moved my house and didnt find out abt the bill until I got the call from the debt collector and was paid straight away.
My question is, I have my own cleaning business that has gross income of around 90000.
I want to buy a brand new car worth 50 to 60k next year around May or June.
How hard it will be for me to get the car loan if I come up with 10 to 15 k deposit aswell.
Also, how hard will it be for me to get a 1000 or 2000 dollars limit credit card from my bank like right now.
I just dont wanna try if it's going to get rejected as that affects the score, I've been told.
Any help will be appreciated.

1 days ago
Brent G.
Brent G.
Narangba, QLD

Me = separated from ex for 2 years ( but not divorced )

We have our marital home in Brisbane ( Wakerley 4154 ) sitting empty for sale since Feb 1 . We had one offer for 710 K and all other offers under 700 K .

My ex refused the offer for 710 K insisting that it is worth 725 + K and more like 745 K .

No more offers coming in .

She is offering to drop the price if I give her 60/40 split or if I change from current real estate to purple bricks who offer less commission which I don’t agree to either .

In the mean while we are both paying $1200 each per month on a dead mortgage and other associated costs Eg rates .

How do I force a sale for market price just to get closure ?

2 days ago
Kehoma R.
Kehoma R.
Silverleaves, VIC

Hi I am currently preparing my husband and I company tax return ourselves, and have got through it all with no problems until I came to section 9. Capital Allowances.

My question is what details do I put in or not put in

"other depreciating assets first deducted"

It may not be relevant to us this financial year but our bookkeeper had filled in a number the past 2 years so I am unsure??

2 weeks ago
Reservoir, VIC


My husband and I have just been advised by centrelink that we are not entitled to receive the aged pension because we have too much assets in the form of money, over the $290,000 allowed savings sum. My question is when we live off our savings and deplete it to the allowed savings mount or less, will we then be entitled to receive the full aged pension?

Thank you

2 weeks ago