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Diane S.
Diane S.
Oxenford, QLD

Hello, I have a friend who has a legal problem concerning her grandchildren. Their lawyer has been a bit nasty with his comments and has given her an ultimatum. She requires someone to help - not with litigation, but mainly as a representative for her to deal with this lawyer. Is there anyone that is willing to do this. She is 88 and not in the best of health, so contact needs to be online. Hoping there is someone who can be of assistance. She lives in the Logan Village area. Thank you.

last year

Hi Creative accounts,

I’m looking for a way to reduce my taxable income by $6500 per annum. I currently keep earning to much, and it makes my wife in eligible for family tax benefit B.
I’m on wages and work for a large company that wont let me take a few weeks off without pay.
I Need some creative accounting ideas on how to reduce my income to just squeeze under the 100k threshold. I’m only aware of negativity gearing an investment loan to reduce income.
Any other advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated

2 years ago
Melbourne, VIC

Not sure if this is a conveyancing question. Really, what I want to know is who is the right 'expert' to speak to? Is it a conveyancer? A broker? A builder?

My husband and I had are about 6 months away from being in a position to buy a property. Until recently we'd planned to buy an established home in the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, but our circumstances have changed a bit recently, opening up the possibility of buying a block of land somewhere semi-rural and building a new home. But neither of us has had any experience building and I'd love to speak with someone who can educate us about the process - pro and cons of buying vs building, financing a build, the timeline and processes around buying land, getting permits, submitting plans etc.

We could obviously speak with a couple of home builders, but I'd prefer to speak with someone independant and who won't feel as though we're wasting their time. Realistically, it will be 6-12 months before we're ready to act on the advice, but in the meantime I want to educate myself so that when the time comes we can act quickly if/when the right block comes along at the right time.

Thanks in advance!

2 years ago

Hi Tax People,

I have a joint equity loan with my wife. We both have individual online broking accounts.
I have been told by our accountant that my wife or myself can use money from that loan to buys shares individually and he would make “loan up” saying the money was borrowed from the account and therefore claiming the interest individually.
To keep this cleaner for tax purposes my bank said we can split the loan and call loan 1 ( wife investment loan) and say loan 2 ( Peter (me) investment loan).
My question is

1) if wife wants to pay her loan down , I’m wondering if that’s possible with the original “loan up” document written up at a certain amount and as it’s paid down obviously the loan has reduced and wouldn’t match the original loan amount.

Any help would be great.
Also if any one is a subject expert on these setups would love to make an appointment for advice happy to travel.

Regards Peter

2 years ago