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Anthony M.
Anthony M.
Balgowlah, NSW

Hi, my mother has retired and wants to buy into a retirement village. She has no debt on her home and wants to look at renting her existing home until the property market picks up again. That means she will need to borrow against her home to buy into the retirement village. The rent should cover the loan. Our concern with what’s gone with the Royal Commission is will she be able to get a loan? If she has to sell her home that could take a while, or worse still, she gets a bad price in an under-performing market.

10 hours ago

In light of the Banking Royal Commissions recommendation to have the upfront commissions currently paid to mortgage brokers by lenders changed to a fee for service model over the next couple of years, can we ask:

Do people believe consumer’s would be prepared to pay an upfront free to a mortgage broker to help them obtain a suitable home loan?

What impact would such a change have on consumers?

What impact would such a change have on the home loan industry?

2 weeks ago
Christine A.
Christine A.
Pyrmont, NSW

Hi, we need some advice.

One of our staff is never happy and continuously brings down the mood within the business and with a small team of 10, it’s very frustrating. The business is going well but it could be so much better and we are really worried about losing other staff because of the negativity. What is our best course of action, we don’t want to wait until it is too late?

3 weeks ago