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We have a reputation as stated by our customers "Simply the Best! Patient, so knowledgeable, easy to deal with and a great communicator. You could not ask for more."
and "She has helped me to put together some deals that no other broker I’ve worked with previously could have even attempted to do."

2 months ago

in a situation where things happen at once. can afford to pay - but because of what happen - they say i can not afford it. but feel i if that i can if given the chance to get everything pay in one go(all debts and car repairs etc) leaves about $200 /$250 a f/n for repayments. just what a break to get thing right. sick of jumble between thing and never getting ahead. need someone to help. just want to pay what i owe and get ahead

9 months ago
Melbourne, VIC

Hi! I am considering starting a small business from home relating to a craft hobby that is starting to pick up pace. I'm still in the market research stage but I've come up against an issue that could be an instant deal breaker.

I live in a rental property. I reviewed our lease, which doesn't have any clauses preventing a home based business, but I reached out to our landlord and agent as a courtesy to make sure it wasn't going to cause any issues.

Landlord says she's happy for me to do it, thinks it's a great idea as long as I don't register an ABN – which is a bit contradictory. She is under the impression that if I register an ABN then our residential lease will automatically convert to commercial lease and she will have to pay GST on the rent she collects.
That just doesn't sound right to me. To be clear, if I proceed:
- this will not be my primary source of income
- there will be no customers coming to the home
- there is no dedicated space for the business, I have a desk and cabinet set up in the corner of my dining room
- there will be no business signage or advertising on the property

Is she right?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

10 months ago
Diane S.
Diane S.
Oxenford, QLD

Hello, I have a friend who has a legal problem concerning her grandchildren. Their lawyer has been a bit nasty with his comments and has given her an ultimatum. She requires someone to help - not with litigation, but mainly as a representative for her to deal with this lawyer. Is there anyone that is willing to do this. She is 88 and not in the best of health, so contact needs to be online. Hoping there is someone who can be of assistance. She lives in the Logan Village area. Thank you.

last year

Hi Creative accounts,

I’m looking for a way to reduce my taxable income by $6500 per annum. I currently keep earning to much, and it makes my wife in eligible for family tax benefit B.
I’m on wages and work for a large company that wont let me take a few weeks off without pay.
I Need some creative accounting ideas on how to reduce my income to just squeeze under the 100k threshold. I’m only aware of negativity gearing an investment loan to reduce income.
Any other advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated

last year