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Michael F.
Michael F.
Parkdale, VIC

I have had the same accountant for years. They do my return and I'm sure it's done properly.

However, when I did my last return I asked my accountant a question ...

What could I / should I be doing to minimize the tax I pay?

Am I paying too much tax with my shares?

I claim as much as I can when I do my BAS & Tax Return, but is there a better way?

Any other strategies?

My accountant said they assess my return based on the information provided and they do not provide advice.


wondering what your thoughts are? Also, I saw this website

https://taxfitness.com.au/ but it seems to be targeted towards accountants, is there something similar for individuals?

3 years ago


get a new accountant
if you were going to a 'tax agent' then that answer may be okay(ish) but I believe a good accountant is essential.

Just my thoughts

3 years ago

I think the answer is clear, get a new accountant.

If you want advice for tax minimisation, per above, get a new accountant that does more than just prepare the return. Along with you asking questions, they should be asking you plenty as well.

Seek a CPA/CA accountant, with relationships to financial planners and finance brokers, so you can have a team of professionals working for you.

You will pay more for this, but it will likely pay significant dividends down the track.

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