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allison b.
allison b.
Taree, NSW

I'm trying to get a home loan. The problem is, we're both on Disability pensions and both been bankrupt before. Finding a lender is proving to be an astronomical task. Can you suggest anyone that would help? We do have a good deposit.

4 years ago


Hi Allison, not sure if these guys can help, but maybe looking at someone like www.loandolphin.com.au

4 years ago

Thank you RentersCard, unfortunately they have a minimum criteria of $50K per borrower before starting.

Hi Allison, there are Lenders that specialise in assisting customers in similar situations to yours. They are called 'Non-Conforming' Lenders. Your income will be considered and with a good deposit should have some options to look at. If you wanted to provide a few more specific details feel free to email or call me and we can look into this in more detail: mbarnes@intouchfinance.com.au or 0260211320
Thanks and all the best,

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