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Glen T.
Glen T.
Albury, NSW

With so many business incubators available does anyone have a recommendation or had a good experience with one?

4 years ago


Hi Glen

I've had a little experience with some of incubators and the one I found most impressive from a structure and support perspective was Investible in Sydney.


Hope this helps


Hi Glen
You're absolutely right. There are so many incubators and start-up advisers so you ask a great question. The best answer I have (to most broad business questions) is "That depends". In your case, it very depends very much on what you have and what you're after. We're not an incubator but as an accelerator we also know many of the participants in this space. So, maybe we can suggest someone who'd be a good fit for you. Cheers, Wayne

CapitalPitch is our choice but it is not an incubator. It is an investment accelerator. Investible is also great with a good team.

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