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Glen T.
Glen T.
Albury, NSW

I just started my own business and want some some advice of when I need to get an ABN and register for GST

5 years ago


Hi Glen,
You should have an ABN before you start trading but you only need to register for GST if you expect to earn more than $50,000 in revenue per annum.
Good luck

If you expect your income to be > $75,000 then you'll need to register or if you are in particular industries registering for gst is mandatory.

Kind regards

It's actually 75k as Jennifer said.. not 50k!!.. no advice here general only don't act or rely this information!. go and speak to an accountant. get set up properly and pay for their advice. their professionals and that's what they do. they'll make sure you meet your obligations. again as jennifer said you may be required to be registered depending on the industry Whether you make $0 or >$75k. be careful! Just call an accountant there's a million of them. you have to be prepared to pay for real advice to act on. and yes you should have an abn already but . don't take my word for it. Accounts Domain.
Good luck with your new business. I think Jennifer is a CPA _ ( certified practising Accountant ) from her profile details... give her a call.
good luck!!

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