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Tom S.
Tom S.
Double Bay, NSW

As a young investor, what bank is the most accessible for a home loan for an investment?

5 years ago


Hi Tom. Its very difficult to assess this without knowing more about your request. For example, a higher LVR would attract specific lenders. Furthermore, crossing an investment loan with an owner occupied residential property would improve your chances. Could you provide more details so I can give you a better estimate? Eg purchase price, deposit etc. cheers

Hi Tom, as an investor you should be thinking purely about the right investment which will make you the ROI you desire i.e. capital gains or yield or both. I have been a lone wolf investor in early years and I can tell you it doesnt work as your knowledge base is limited. So higher a buyers agent, mortgage broker, solicitor who will review your contracts before offers and above all a mentor.

To answer your original question, banks are very much all the same from funding stamp point, I have seen in the past Macquarie were more generous with how much they would lend but due to APRA regulations they are all have very similar lending criterion. Rates may vary depending on your LVR and property type.

Harish Saluja

Tom. Hello. Your question is quite a general one however the Investor lending regime has changed quite a bit over recent months. Lenders will now charge a higher rate for Investment loans over what they would for an Owner Occupied home loan. It has been many years since this was previously the case, but it seems this will remain the case for the foreseeable future.
Your choice of most suitable lender will depend on your personal situation. While the lending concepts all remain the same you will find niches around length of employment, the Loan to Value Ratio you are requesting, size of the property, possible post code restrictions just to name a few.
If you would like to obtain additional (personalised) advice, then please give me a call
Ken Olds
1300 ASK KEN

Hi Tom,
The Big Four, ANZ, CBA, NAB & Westpac are much of a muchness. The best way to answer your question is going directly to anyone of them is like buying a suit off the rack. Going to a broker is like finding a bespoke tailor and a good one will measure you, find out your likes and dislikes, understand the occasion for the suit etc. We do just that, find out about your financial circumstances, check what your long term goals are and set up a strategy for the long term. Unlike the tailor you don't even pay us. I'm in Bilgola if you wish to discuss further. Regards, Bulelwa

Some great loan options at the moment , you may want to lean towards lenders with no fees , depends also what is important to you in terms of do you need a branch or like online ?

Hi there

Hard to say given very little details at hand.

If you know what you can borrow that's a good starting point. I can help you determine your borrowing capacity quite easily however I need further details about you.

Being young I would assume you are at an early stage in your career. Generally if you have a stable job and some savings to put towards a deposit or even parents that can help out with a deposit by cash or equity in their own home it will generally be quite an easy deal with most lenders.

More information can be found on our website, you can also register your details on our website for a call back to discuss your options and borrowing capacity.

Kind regards

I would suggest talking to an experienced motgage broker. Lending policies change on a weekly basis depending on lenders apetite for certain types of lending. An experienced mortgage broker be able to recommend at least two snd explain why.
Hope this helps

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