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Mehdi Zoghbi

Finance Broker
Parramatta, New South Wales

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Q: I am keen to use the equity in my home to invest - maybe real estate. Maybe another option. Does anyone have any firm advice on the available options at the moment?
A: Hello James. We are finance brokers based in Parramatta. We have an extensive network of investment specialists who can assist. We work with agents and developers in arranging investments (including interstate). We also arrange the finance of these deals. Feel free to call me if you wish to discuss. Mehdi from Smartline 0428114324
Q: As a young investor, what bank is the most accessible for a home loan for an investment?
A: Hi Tom. Its very difficult to assess this without knowing more about your request. For example, a higher LVR would attract specific lenders. Furthermore, crossing an investment loan with an owner occupied residential property would improve your chances. Could you provide more details so I can give you a better estimate? Eg purchase price, deposit etc. cheers