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Jaydeep  S.
Jaydeep S.
Cherrybrook, NSW

I have investment property in my name worth 500k. I wish to build a duplex and borrow in my wife’s name. When we sell both duplexes, will we be able to split the Capital Gains Tax based on our individual borrowings?


last year


Short Answer is NO.

CGT goes to the name on the title. I would do numbers and then discuss with accountant and lawyer about changing the title.


Yeah, nah!!! Sorry Jaydeep, Andrew is on the money here.

And he is also on the money about seeing an accountant, but what I would advise is go and see one NOW whilst you are planning this venture. You will have a much better idea of how things will pan out as far as CGT on disposal (when you sell) as well as the short-term tax implications for both yourself and your wife.

Also Also you should consider a wide range of tax planning and investment planning options available to you to
a) minimise tax now
b) manage tax in the future
c) maximise your net wealth over time
d) manage risk

you need a master plan mate, and investment properties are only one part of the puzzle

best thing you can do for yourself is find a good CA or CPA who can help you with a heap of these things.

good luck

Agree with above.

Such an open ended question for us also - you need to get in front of a good accountant (one of the above is a great starting point) and lay all the cards on the table.

There are answers to questions you haven't considered yet, and implications that could see the cost of advice seem insignificant compared to the negative impacts.

Good luck.

last year

Thanks Guys

Much Appreciated



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