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Jess F.
Jess F.
Rozelle, NSW

I’m looking to begin writing a blog. Not sure where to start, how to set it up, what to include etc.
Can anyone recommend a good site that can give me information to get me started. I don’t want to make silly mistakes or reinvent the wheel unnecessarily?

11 months ago


Hi Jess

It depends on what you want to gain from the blog. Sounds like a silly question but bear with me.

A blog has two aims - one to simply gain a following and readers and two to gain more exposure or visits for your brand / website. If you have no desire to build a brand or expand in any way then you can use an external blog site but I would always build a blog on my own site and use it to communicate my services, brand or whatever.

AN external blog site usually has a subscription cost to pay.

Setup your own site: Buy a domain (about $12 per year - www.jessf.com.au or whatever), hosting (about $50 per year) a simple wordpress template (about $20). The setup is more involved than using an external service but as you say - get it right from the beginning).

Hi Jess,

I would recommend taking some time to think about your target audience.

Strong target audience or customer avatars will form the basis for how you write and market your blog.

As Jonathan says, the platform you choose does depend on your goals. Blog content is often sent to subscribers or members following a lead magnet on your website. They are a great way of staying in touch with your customers.

If blogging is something you want to do for enjoyment rather than business - I'd start with wordpress. There is a free option. I've been really happy with https://www.crazydomains.com.au/ for purchasing your domain, hosting and email.

Hope this helps.
Enjoy your blogging journey!


10 months ago

Hi Jonathan and Natalie - thank you for the feedback and help. It is a little daunting but something I really want to do.

I will let you know when I post my first blog


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