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I am in the planning stage of a large national charity event with a launch date of October and the actual event March next year. One of the prizes for a club to participate i am looking at is leasing a mini bus for the winning club for 12 months. Advice?

3 years ago


Hi Jonathan

It is an interesting question and a little field from a finance perspective. To help clarify, who would own the mini bus?

Are you looking to buy a mini bus and finance it and allow a club to use it for 12 months or are you looking at hiring a bus like a rental vehicle?

In either case who would be making the monthly payments?

If you could shed some light I'm sure we could be more helpful

Kind regards


I guess that’s the questions I am after. Basically the sponsorship for the event will pay for the mini bus so essentially my company would pay the monthly lease. It’s more about the short term - 1 year. From tax and risk point of view I am weighing up short term lease vs rental. Hoping someone has an ingenious idea!

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