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Hi there, over the past 12 months our business has grown from just my husband and I to 7 staff and keeping track of salaries, payroll tax, the insurances and super is not a part of our skill set. We really need help but don’t want to put on anyone full time.

Does anyone know of a bookkeeper that can handle all of this or are we better off going through a payroll agency, any recommendation would be helpful?

9 months ago


Congratulations Kerry-Anne,
Sounds like you are doing really well. A local part time bookkeeper is probably your best option.
4-6 hours should do it?
Best of luck

Hi Kerry-Anne,

Great news to hear your business is going well.

Back to Business Bookkeeping are located in Gordon. We speciaiise in small business and start up operations and proivde the full range of back office functions.

Check out our website at www.b2bbookkeeping.com.au or give me a call at any time Steph 0414 661151.



Thannks Steph, I will give you a call Monday

9 months ago

Payroll agency who will modernise your business as well, they are great.

Hi Kerry-Anne,

Just following up on our exchange a couple of weeks ago.

As a small business owner you will need to prepare Payment Summaries and lodge Annual Payment Reports with the ATO.

Give me a call soon so we can make sure you are ready to meet these obligations.

Look forward to chatting soon.


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