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Q: Should financial literacy such as savings plans, credit scoring, personal finance, credit cards, interest rates, home loans, interest calculations, buying and selling and the value of money all form an important component of the high school curriculum?
A: It continues to surprise me how little our school curriculum covers these basic skills and knowledge. We teach quite complex finance in advanced high school economics but even those subjects do cover the basics mentioned here. This is an area that needs attention from the education departments. Cheers Forbes
Q: Hi guys, are splitter blocks still viable in SE QLD. I have spoken to three small time developers and three answers ranging from 20k to split up to 80k to split. Utilities plus council fees plus town planner. Maybe its too hard and expensive now?
Q: My bank said they are increasing their fixed rates. Should I lock in now or are there other lenders who will not be raising fixed rates that i should approach?
Q: I'm thinking of buying a holiday house. Is there a way to make it a negatively geared investment property?
A: yes, and how do you estimate average rent per annum. the weekly rates look great but what about estimating vacancy? and how do you budget for furniture replacement?
Q: Hi, I am purchasing an investment property with my wife and my brother and his wife. Will the bank insist we have one loan with one bank? Is there other things i should be aware of? Cheers, Forbes.