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Q: Hi!
My youngest sister has been Granted Letters of Administration for my dad’s estate. His house is the only asset left to distribute. It’s equally owned amongst 4 siblings. 3 of us have cleaned and emptied it, ready to sell. One of my siblings is a meth addict and has since moved in to the house, without our consent. Looking for recommendations on how to go forward. We need to sell and we need to get them out to do that. I don’t know where we stand legally as we’re all equal beneficiaries. Can we force them out if they refuse to leave?
Q: I am wondering how tax works with deceased estates. In particular taxing super annuation balances and insurance. My Dad died this year and my family and I have been given the option of transferring the money to us directly or to transfer it to the estate, as we haven’t yet sold his house and it’s in trust. We’ve been told that if we transfer the balance of super annuation and insurance we will be charged up to 17% and up to 37% respectively for the money. Just wondering which way we’re better?