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Q: Hi there,

As I get older I start to think about insurance more. I wonder if it’s better to have a Life and Trauma policy with connected benefits, Trauma Plus, buy backs ETC or is it better to have comprehensive Health Insurance?
I realise I need to decided what’s best for my and all that Jazz, but as professionals in the industry what’s been your experience with things like this and if it was you, what would you opt for ?

Q: Hello.

I'm not sure if I should be worried about my investments at the moment, SUPER & INVESTMENT ACCOUNT with what happened last week in the US? Theres been a few thousand wiped from the balance being in INTERNATIONAL SHARES and a few other things.

I've seen articles saying the worse is yet to come .. or is it just the media fear mongering .. should i switch everything to cash or something less risky .. or am i falling into the trap ?

Whats your opinion ?


Q: Hello,
My Partner and I (mostly me) have been thinking about starting an SMSF to invest in studio apartments in Kings Cross area.
We have a combined balance of around $120K, we are both late 20's, combined monthly super contributions of around $1,300.00 with the potential to increase that to $1,600.00 PM.
The plan would to live of the rental income in retirement, from what i've said do you think its worth visiting a FP?