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Q: Hello.

I'm not sure if I should be worried about my investments at the moment, SUPER & INVESTMENT ACCOUNT with what happened last week in the US? Theres been a few thousand wiped from the balance being in INTERNATIONAL SHARES and a few other things.

I've seen articles saying the worse is yet to come .. or is it just the media fear mongering .. should i switch everything to cash or something less risky .. or am i falling into the trap ?

Whats your opinion ?


Q: Hello,
My Partner and I (mostly me) have been thinking about starting an SMSF to invest in studio apartments in Kings Cross area.
We have a combined balance of around $120K, we are both late 20's, combined monthly super contributions of around $1,300.00 with the potential to increase that to $1,600.00 PM.
The plan would to live of the rental income in retirement, from what i've said do you think its worth visiting a FP?