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Q: Hello everyone. I'm a first homebuyer looking into buying an apartment before this year ends. I have requested a section 32 and contract of sale from the vendors of 2 apartments. I'm more interested with the 2-BR unit and would like to put an offer (although it is below the selling price). Do I need a conveyancer to review both contracts for the 2 apartments, or is it OK to put an informal offer for the first one, and if the vendor agrees, I'd have a conveyancer review the contract before I formally sign it?
Q: Hi, we're Melbourne residents looking to buy our first home. We saw an apartment and we have 20% deposit. However, we found out that the property is leased til June 2018. Some lenders said they only approve if the property has under 6 months of lease left. One lender agrees to approve our loan but in investor's rates until we take over the property in June 2018, then they will convert to owner occupier rates. Is this legal? Also, do we still get stamp savings as first home buyers if we proceed?