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Q: i run my own business. I like cars and they are my golf membership! I buy 2-3 year old models and follow trade prices. i sell well & typically get close to what i paid (if not more) 12-18 months. have high deposits, 4-5 years & 40% residual. Extinguish within 18 mths. Use chattel mortgage. seeking a 2007-9 car, what options might exist for a little older car?
Q: I have two children about to start Private secondary school. We have been putting away money since they were born into a separate bank account and have around $80k. is there a better way that we can use this money - I have heard of education funds, but we have not explored. one idea was to buy an investment property with this money (and some top up) and effectively use some of the rental money to pay their school fees and then incur a debt for the fees against the growth in the property?