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geremy g.
geremy g.
Katherine East, NT

hi My sale agreement with the agent expires in two days, can i ask for the keys early so the new agent can go through the house ?

3 years ago


Hi Geremy

Thanks for the question.

Whilst I'm not a real estate agent I can only assume as the property owner you can ask for the keys. Your question indicates the property being sold is an investment property so I'd suggest letting the existing agent know of your decision to appoint a new agent as soon as possible.

The last thing a property owner needs is a delay in obtaining keys and the opportunity to move forward with their desire to sell.

It may also be worthwhile speaking to both agents to get clarity around the commission payable if and when the property does sell. If the new agent brings a buyer to the table who may also be on the existing agents register or has already seen to the property it would be worthwhile for you and the two agents to come to an arrangement upfront to avoid any unpleasant debates at the time of the sale.

I hope this helps and good luck with the sale



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