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Rene B.
Rene B.
Tanunda, SA

Im a 40 year old struggling terrible

I have 2 children every other weekend.
I have had advice regarding my financial situation and have all said bankruptcy is my best option.
Im needing to move into my own place for the sake of my children.
If i go bankrupt, can i apply for early release on my super?
I have nothing of my own regarding house goods. Need everything?

Thankyou in advance


5 years ago


Hi Rene,
Financial struggles can be one of the hardest struggles to get your head around, especially if you haven't received good financial advice.
Can I suggest you pop over to a financial councillor and seek some guidance.
There are several free services 'in the book' or on the internet.
I have no affiliation with any of them, but the first one that comes to mind is LifeLine. I don't know if they are good or not, but can only imagine they'd be trying to offer a very valuable service to those that can't afford a paid financial advisor.
Chat to them, listen to their advice and then, if it sounds reasonable given your personal circumstances, make a educated and values based decision.
Sometimes bankruptcy is the right decision, and sometimes it is not. I have been bankrupt personally many years due to a business partner helping himself to all my money, it's not a thought I liked to entertain, but once I'd made the decision, I felt a sense of relief.
You need to make sure that you understand how it will impact your situation, and that's why you need to seek professional advice.

Good luck Rene, I hope you find the direction you're looking for.


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