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Last Friday I went past a parked car that had 2 speeding cameras on the vehicle(l was going opposite direction where the car was parked). 1 of them was on the bumber and the other one was inside of the car but on the dashboard and it looked like a camera. I was going 50 in a 60 zone and felt like it flashed at me twice for some reason. Does the camera on the dashboard take photos of people in the car or is it used to detect speed?

4 years ago


Hi, AnneMarie.

Very interesting question and one by the sound of it, the general public should be aware of.

Given the nature of the question it might be difficult for the experts on simplyaskit to provide an answer so can I share this link with you as it might be best to contact them directly.


We’d love to get your feedback on their answer as well.

All the best


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