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Peta C.
Peta C.
Gracemere, QLD

Wanting to know if I am required to work away from my main residence as in 5on/5off roster and I receive $160 a week travel allowance if I am able to claim the expenses on my tax return?
So logbook for car, costs for car travelling the distance every trip, food, accommodation and phone. All of this if receipted correcty would add up to over the $160 a week.

4 years ago


Hi Peta

Great question and one that would be best answered by a qualified accountant or bookkeeper, however a couple of thoughts might be of assistance.

In terms of the travel allowance it is important to clarify with your employer what the travel allowance is made up of. Is it just the expenses of travelling to and from work or does it include a meal allowance, accommodation and phone expenses. It might be worthwhile asking a couple of more questions in relation to food, accommodation and phone

For the car, my understanding is that you’ll need to start a log book and record of how much of its use (km and time) is work related as opposed to personal use. It is very important to keep the receipts for all car expenses including fuel, maintenance and any finance repayment you may have.

Once you are able to determine the business/personal mix for the car your accountant will be able to determine how much you can claim on your tax return.

I hope this helps, don’t forget to seek professional advice.



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