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I am looking at kicking off an SMSF but have always been wary of the costs associated. I have come across E Super Fund who are an online company who provide the structure and regulatory requirements including auditing for about $800 per year. Sounds like a great deal, but I'm always worried about deals that sound too good to be true.
Has anyone used them or does anyone know enough about them to be able to give any insight or feedback?
I want to ensure I've done my due diligence before moving.

4 years ago


Hi John,

I have looked at esuperfund also.

Definitely keen to hear from anyone who has tried them. Like you, I was afraid of entrusting my retirement funds with an unknown new player in the market.

Sounds like a very reasonable offering, but it's a massive risk if something goes wrong.

Hi John,

I have a client who manages their SMSF through esuperfund. They had that prior to coming to me for investment and strategy advice. I can't really say much about them because I don't have any direct dealings with them, but the returns are done each year without too much of a problem.

You do need to do some work in getting all the data to them and also be aware that the work is done overseas. Also, they are a straight administration provider. They won't be there to help you with your trustee requirements and provide advice on what you need to be doing to remain compliant.



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