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Walter D.
Walter D.
Bellmere, QLD

I have two properties one i live in and a weekender. I cant receive my pension because of this.
Would i be better off selling both and buying one. Or could i transfer one over to my son and live in the other.
I am worried that I may never receive a pension if i make the wrong choice?


5 years ago


Hi Mario,

Your question is fairly complex, so I don't have any quick answers as there are a number of questions I have about your situation before deciding on best options. You really need to discuss your situation in more depth with a qualified planner so as they understand your entire situation to derive the best outcome for you.

I'm based in the Brisbane CBD but I'm happy to set up a phone call to discuss your situation with you sometime next week.

Stuart Christie
Financial Planner
07 3144 3100

Hi Mario,
You are right to be asking questions about this. If you make the wrong decision it could seriously hurt you. In this case, I would counsel you to have a chat to somone who is licensed to advise you.

I don't know Stuart but he has offered to help and he is a financial planner. I would think a quick chat might be able to set your mind at ease, and you do need a clear mind on this...

There may be options you had not considered that Stuart can help you with. If you like what he says, probably a follow up face to face with both you and your son may be advantageous.

I'm sorry if I'm overstepping Stuart, I just believe the importance of getting this right is something that can't be overstated.

Good luck Mario :-)


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