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Rodney T.
Rodney T.
North Mackay, QLD

My daughter has a small car loan , but cannot drive the car she bought as it has fallen apart around her. She needs a car for work and she is only a trainee , what would be her best options to be able pay the existing loan out and getting herself into a new car?

5 years ago


Hi Rodney,
Thanks for your enquiry. Can I ask you a couple of quick questions...
How much does she still owe on the existing car?
How much does she want to spend on a new car?
Can you help her if needed as a guarantor?
There are always options available. We just need to find the best option to suit you and your daughter's specific circumstances.


Hi Graham,
My daughter owes about $5,200, her and I were thinking $15,000 max to pay her existing loan out and buy new car for her. As for my situation to be able to help her I know I definitely can but due to past bad financial decisions a lender may not see it that way.

Thanks for the extra info Rodney, i have extra clarity and options are are taking shape. I think a quick chat will fill in some gaps and allow me to offer more specific and structured suggestions.
Before we go there, another couple of quick questions...
Do you know specifically what's listed (if anything) on your credit file? (Don't answer that here, just reflect for our chat)
One you can answer, do you have an up to date copy of your credit files, minimum of Equifax (formerly Veda Advantage) and Dun & Bradstreet?
If you do have copies of your credit files, we can discuss them (again, not on here) and the options still open to you.
If you want, I am happy to have that chat and structure a path for you that'll alow you to help your daughter now.
Just do a google search for me, and call my offices, get me on facebook, on linkedin, skype... I am pretty easy to find as I've been helping good people out of bad situations for around 20 years :-)
I think you are in a much better situation than you believe. I can help you discover what you can and can't do.
Thanks Rodney



Thank you Graham I am so appreciative of this information hopefully maybe it might be a chance not only for my daughter but also be able to get my on life back on track. Hopefully I can find you sooner rather than later so we can have that chat , I am as keen as mustard. Thank you again

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