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Kathy R.
Kathy R.
Epping, VIC

I have 2 credit cards and a car loan, my pay isn't the best out there, i was wondering if it would be smart to consolidate all of my debts and who would be the best to do this with? I dont want to have too many inquiries on my credit file

5 years ago


Hi Kathy,
A consolidation loan can be beneficial or disastrous, and it all depends on your personal suituation. I am happy to take a look at your situation for you and point you in the rights direction - no charge.
Just search google for "Graham Doessel" and grab my phone number...

Hi Kathy,
It appears that you don't have a property to use as security? In that case, a consolidating loan will likely cost you the same or possibly more than what you are paying today.
An option, which is available but can be dangerous if not used properly is a balance transfer. For example, you can take out a new credit card and transfer the existing balances to the new card with 0% interest for between 6 and 18 months. It is critical that you close the two existing cards and pay off the debt before the transfer period lapses or you will quickly be in a worse place than where you are at right now.
I hope that helps?
If you would like some assistance or have further questions, please feel free to get in contact at any time
Kind regards

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