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Hi, I am a policing student currently and as of mid August will be a police officer. Can I claim my student expenses this financial year as it is for my career? I am a little bit grey in knowledge around this area as I know that if you are studying something for the job you are currently in that you can claim but other than that it is generally unclaimable. Any advice will be welcomed - thankyou!

3 years ago


It seems that since you start your role mid August you just missed out for the 2017 financial year.


that is what I was thinking however was not sure as I get a job at the end of this - thankyou

As I understand it you are actually employed as a police officer (albeit in training) whilst you are training.
Have a look at ATO ruling TR 95/17 specifically the section relating to deductions. Paragraph 22.
If you feel it fits into this category (and it seems to) specific expenses actually incurred seem deductible.
Good luck.


Hi David,

Thankyou for that I will have a look.

I do not get paid from the NSWPF until I start attending shifts after my attestation, however we are held at the same standard as sworn in officers. Hence why I am unsure if I can claim deductions; It will be my career by the end of the year and I am learning for it unlike other University degrees where you have to be in that field already to be able to use deductions come tax time.

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