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Michael F.
Michael F.
Parkdale, VIC

What do you think of Brickx? Some similarities to property trusts except you can choose the property and they're all residential at the moment.

4 years ago


Hi Michael. Your understanding is correct. Each property sits in an individual trust, and you are able to invest in whichever ones you wish based on your own investment strategy, knowledge and preferences. So you're empowered to build your own diversified portfolio. Each trust is split into 10,000 units (we call them Bricks) and each Brick purchased earns you any net rental income (paid monthly) and you can track your capital returns in your account also. In addition, you choose when the time is right for you to sell, and you can list your Brick for sale on the secondary exchange at any time. Current median average time to sell is 1.8 hours (Oct-Sep). Any more questions let me know

Hi Michael

Good question and it is great to see the CEO of BRICKX take the time to answer your question.

This link to finder.com.au money podcast with Anthony might also be of interest




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