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John W.
John W.
East Brisbane, QLD

In am the md of a cash rich offshore company based in HK. Can I get a loan from the company and buy a property in Queensland ? I am an Australian resident and citizen.

7 years ago


Hi John
There is no issue that I know of for what you want to do. The only thing is that there must be a clear legal pathway for the money to be transferred into Australia.
We have a full safe and accredited money transfer system set up with our insurance partners who hold an AFSL (Australian Financial Services Licence). The application they utilise has been accepted by Austrac and as long as the person transferring passes their due diligence, the transfer can be any amount and happen quickly. It is transferred to the AFSL trust account and can be of any currency without paying conversion until it is actually sent to your lawyer handling the settlement and then converted to AUS. Must be bank to bank.
If you want to know more details and costs etc., please contact me on 0409366335 or paul@auswisefinance.com.au.
Kind regards Paul

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