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trish r.
trish r.
Gin Gin, NSW

Wife and I separated. I am moving out today. Jointly owned home. I will be renting. Do I still have to pay half of the mortgage payments and if so does my wife have any right to demand my belongings removed and return of my house keys?

4 years ago


if your name is on loan you are still liable. if she stops paying both of your credit files are ruined. you would own half the house so need to either come to an arrangement re your gear. both going to pay lots of solicitors bills if you dont start talking. sort out asap whether house is to be sold or who ever wants it gets paid their 50%.

Hi Trish

Despite the emotions, it is important to be rational in terms of your property and home loan.

As the property is in joint names you are both responsible for ensuring the monthly home loan repayments are paid on time. If the full repayment is not paid on time you will fall into arrears on the home loan and cause financial complications for you both. It could impact your credit ratings and future borrowings as well the equity you have generated in the property.

It is very important to meet your financial obligations as you work through the personal aspects of the relationship.

I hope things work out for you both

Best wishes


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