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Seb M.
Seb M.
Williamstown, VIC

I have been researching the first home buyers grant and wanted to know if anyone knew of other options if I didn’t want to purchase a new property?

3 years ago


Seb, as a first home buyer you are entitled to a 50% reduction of the stamp duty payable if you purchase an established property up to a maximum purchase price of $600,000.

As you are no doubt aware to get the $10,000 first home buyers grant the property must be new. To satisfy that criteria no-one must have lived in that property before, which of course means very new, but not necessarily construction. For instance the property may have been built already but for whatever reason no-one has yet lived in it.

Pete Dall
0414 583 233

3 years ago

I wasn’t aware of the stamp duty benefit... every bit helps

Thank you Peter

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