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Carl R.
Carl R.
Shepparton, VIC

Ok guys I have a girlfriend in the USA that is in need of some funds urgently but I don't posses a current passport nor do I have a drivers licence so I have some trouble proving my id is there any service that is out there that can help me out or is it as simple as me providing my card details to her so that she can use my Visa card to make a cash withdrawal over there?

4 years ago


4 years ago

,thanks for that response what about pay pal could they help me at all??

4 years ago

Thanks for your help on this Paul I'll keep everyone posted when and if I find out more

Hi Carl, Sorry if this answer came a bit late, but I've used OFX ( https://www.ofx.com/en-au/ ) over the years to transfer money to family from Australia to USA and Europe. The first 3 transactions are free and $15 flat fee after that. From experience, this is a great way to transfer money. I hope that helps.

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