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John W.
John W.
Penrith, NSW

I’m thinking of selling in the new year and instead of giving it to a local agent I reckon I could sell it privately and save some money. I have spoken to buymyplace but I saw the question about purplebricks the other day and want to find out what the difference is between the two?

4 years ago


John. Good afternoon. I'm just checking into the platform following a very busy Christmas. I hope that your day was enjoyable.
In regard to your preference, Purple Bricks would get you an internet presence, but your real need is to find local buyers. This is clearly the value of local Real Estate Agents.
The do it yourself process would not be that hard, but no advertising means no sale. If you are in a street that has lots of drive by traffic, have good social media connections and feel confident about negotiating with purchasers thengive it a try. Provided you are not in a rush, the only thing you can lose is time.
If you want assistance in setting a price I could provide you with some property and suburb reports that will help (my shout - just contact me privately).
Of course I would be more than happy to discuss any future financial needs you may have.
Give me a call. The property reports can be yours without any extra obligation.
Good luck and hope to speak soon
Ken Olds
1300 ASK KEN

Dear John

Firstly thanks to SimplyAskit for getting in touch with us about your question.

buyMyplace enables you to sell your own property and also provides the same access to the internet and online advertising on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au that you would expect from a traditional real estate agent.

The difference between buyMyplace and Purplebricks is that with buyMyplace, you do the selling yourself as opposed to Purplebricks, where an agent still manages the bulk of the process.

Depending on how confident you feel selling your own property, buyMyplace also offers support from a property sales specialist, and that is reflected in the package you may choose to buy. Considering that a traditional agent can charge around 2.5 per cent of the sale price of your property in commissions and fees (around $23,000 on a $600k home), whatever package you choose will save you tens of thousands of dollars in fees.

At present, our top package is under $2,000 and it includes support from a property sales specialist, your advertisement written and professional photography as well as advertising on all the top real estate websites in Australia. Our lowest package is only $695, and will still get you advertising on the top sites, but the bulk of the marketing, open for inspections, photography and so on is managed by the vendor.

We can also arrange auctioneers, negotiators and conveyancing for a low additional fee. In effect buyMyplace offers all the same services as a traditional agent or hybrid model such as Purplebricks for a fraction of the cost.

From the team at buyMyplace.com.au

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