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Camille D.
Camille D.
Rose Bay, NSW

What is the process to getting your jewellery insured and what would I need to make a claim? Are there any organisations you can recommend for this coverage?

5 years ago


Hi Camille, there are speciality insurers who will be the most competitive for insuring jewellery. If you engage a broker they will be able to go to a number of markets for you to get the right price.

Happy to assist if you would like some quotes.

Hi Camille,

You can insure your jewellery in the same policy as your house contents insurance. The thing to watch out for is that most insurers will have a maximum limit to how much you can claim on a single item. This means possessions like jewellery, art work or musical instruments maybe only receive a payout for a fraction of their value.

Fortunately you can specify items on your policy. Specifying the quantity and value of each item will mean that the insurer can build these items into the policy, usually listing them on the policy schedule for peace of mind. You may be required to get valuations and keeping a high quality photo catalogue of your jewellery is always advisable.

This should make any claims streamlined and fairly straight forward. Insurers may differ on specified items so once you have narrowed them down with a few quotes make sure to check the PDS or speak to a representative or insurance broker.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.

Stuart Christie

You could add it to your home and contents. To make a claim you would possibly need proof of purchase and or certificates of purchase. Check details of your policy in the PDS, or call up the insurance company, alternatively if you go through a broker ask them these questions.

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